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Global Women’s Forum

The ‘ Fem 10’ will be leading a Teach- in in and speaking on a panel at the University of San Francisco’s Global Women’s Forum

Details: Tuesday March 9


12:45 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. – Register Now

Speakers: Jane E. Bleasdale, Star Plaxton Moore, Margaret Peterson, Fraylanie Aglipay, Kate Hermosura
This panel proposes a new paradigm of critical feminist leadership The research has been ongoing for the past three years at USF. The initial research project was the catalyst for a much larger and ongoing Participatory Action Research project at the primary investigators home institution. Based on the results of the initial period of data gathering we designed a new framework for leadership in education. This framework is rooted in critical feminist theories. It prioritizes the following key principles: (1) Authentic relationships, bringing our whole person to work every day; (2) Inclusion: Awareness of, and seeking opportunities for, inclusion—going beyond advocacy for underrepresented and marginalized communities to actively engaging them; (3) Removing barriers to build consensus – creating community in every moment and in every possible way. Building communities in partnership with others, not in isolation where students, teachers, administrators have equal voice in the process of education; and (4) Disrupting oppressive systems of education that give preferential treatment to the wealthy, white middle to upper class members of our society. This includes actively devaluing and contesting hegemonic leadership rooted in white supremacy.


2:40 p.m. – 4:25 p.m. – Register Now

Hosts: Ingrid McVanner, Kate Hermosura, Michele Darchuck, Georgia Broaster, Alison Nishiyama, Fraylanie Aglipay, Star Plaxton-Moore, Mary Ann Datoc, Genevieve Charbonneau, Lara deGuzman
The session will begin with an overview/description of Crtitical Feminist Theory that is rooted in intersectional feminism including intersectionalities of race, gender, sexual-orientation, status, and religiosity. After the description of Critiical Feminist Theory has been introduced, the session will then break off into groups (i.e. Zoom breakout rooms) based on research topics of USF Department of Leadership Studies Doctoral students. Participants will then choose which group they would like to learn more about based upon their interests/affinities.

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