Flip the Table Feminism

         Picture this: a group of progressive, multi-cultural, gay, queer and straight identifying women in one room with ‘a few’ bottles of wine between them. Our primary goal: to discuss feminism. The word “feminism” can stir-up so many emotions ranging from elation to avoidance. These emotions are often stemmed in our personal upbringings, our identities, and also societal norms around what a “feminist” is. Our goal is to redefine what feminism means, and to create a space where we do not “come to the table” to speak—we’re flipping the f—kin’ table!

         What does that mean? Flip the table? Well, think of it this way. How often have you been invited to come to the “table” to discuss something that feels important to you. To bring forth your ideas, to discuss… without ever. seeing. any. action? How often have you not been invited? We are tired of this! We are tired of being told to sit and wait. We are tired of being told to “bring forth your most pressing matters”; and, we are tired of meeting at the patriarchal table. We want change, now!

Critical Feminist Leadership 

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What? A network that supports students, educators and leaders  doing the important work of analyzing and applying the leadership principles of critical feminism, i.e. The rejection of past feminist movements that have marginalized and dehumanized women of color, women who are queer, trans or gender non conforming and the advancement of feminism that is dynamic, inclusive and intersectional.

Who? Graduate students working with Dr. Bleasdale – the primary investigator-  women who are practitioners in the field and are committed to collaboration on this important work. 

Why? Research funds have been frozen at many institutions – threatening the future of this longitudinal work.  Contributed funds  will directly support the ongoing research, to launch our network and support women nationwide. 

More about Critical Feminism:

A critical feminist ‘does not ignore cultural discord, they are committed to ‘breaking the silence with action’( Audre Lorde, 1984).

A critical feminist:

1. Recognises the limitations of gender as a social construct.

2. Critiques and challenges the various waves of feminism.

3. Embraces traits that are attributed to folks who identify with marginalised genders. 

Critical feminists believe that ALL people should have equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal power. We reject the ideas and societal norms that  that people are limited by their gender identity or gender expression. A critical feminist believes that a person does not have to identify as a feminist to be doing feminist work… but it helps.

This is the third year and third cycle of this PAR study and we are seeking a peer reviewed journal to publish our data and findings

What are we working on :

  1. A book centering the experiences of critical feminists and outlining our research and paradigm
  2. Presentations of our research at local and national events
  3. Continued research gathering and connection with women – in particular women of color in leadership roles 
  4. Community events for all those committed to centering the voices of women of color, queer, and differently abled folks